Fulmino bicolour

Noble men's automatic watch




Fashionable ladies' quartz watch



Piazza Navona

Elegant ladies' ceramic watch



Swiss made watches for sophisticated demands

Natural beauty - supreme elegance

Nature inspired this new simplicity of appearance and design. Sapphir crystal or hardened mineral crystals ensure a clear view on the watch face. Sparkling Swarovski elements render Pierre Delor watches an elegant and glamourous work of art. 

High-tech ceramic is increasingly used in the watch making industry. This high scratch and wear-resistant materiel is more and more often indispensable in aeronautics, space, in automotive industry or in medecine. 


Watchbands and watchcases in high-tech ceramic are extremely popular, as this material is very well tolerated even on sensitive skin. Some watch manufacturers promote their scratch-proof watches, even if there is just a ceramic coating via plasma spraying on them. 


Pierre Delor stands for outstanding quality watches. The watchcases and links are entirely manufactured in ceramic. This is a major difference to other watch manufacturers who often use ceramic only in a few pieces and though call the final product ceramic watch.


Pierre Delor watches are extremely scratch-proof. They represent more than a fashion, they are the result of a long standing high-tech development.


Pierre Delor watches are extremely scratch-proof.

Wear your watch in your leisure time, repairing your vintage car or the bicycle of your children, in the swimming pool or doing sports. Even such an active day will not leave any traces on your Pierre Delor watch.


Pierre Delor stands for exceptional quality. Swiss precision movements - quartz or automatic - lie at the heart of each Pierre Delor watch. The excellent quality/price ratio is a hallmark of Pierre Delor watches.