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What does „Swiss made“ stand for?

Switzerland protects watches with the “Swiss made” label:

The high technical quality and aesthetically appealing need to be safeguarded. “Swiss made” is more than a simple label of origin. It is a sign to customers that they are buying a product of outstanding quality and reliability.
With the help of legislation, international treaties and multilateral agreements drawn up by the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the World Trade Organisation, Switzerland has the necessary legal instruments to protect “Swiss made” watches and clocks from piracy and counterfeiting.


Swiss quality - “Swiss made”

To obtain the “Swiss made” label a watch must meet certain conditions. Although some foreign-made components may be used, they may not account for more than 50% of the total value of the components and the watches must also be both assembled and inspected in Switzerland.
Is there such a thing as a foreign-made Swiss watch? A watch that has been manufactured abroad but contains Swiss components may carry a mark to this effect. However, any exaggeration of the degree of Swiss involvement is strictly prohibited. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry sees to it that watches which are put on sale do not flout this rule.